WOD for 2/28

SCHEDULE UPDATE: We will be going to a 5:30 and 6:30am morning schedule starting next week and trying it out through the month of March. Based on your survey results it seems as though these times may work better for a lot of you. If it is not well attended, we may have to revert back to the 6am.

Workout for 2/28

Open WOD 14.1
10 Minute AMRAP
– 30 Double Unders
– 15 Snatch (75/55)

We will complete the WOD in heats based on numbers in class. For those of you competing in the open we will have score cards ready for you.

If time permits we will work on a 1 Rep Max Snatch since you’ll be warm prepared after the WOD.

WOD for 2/27

A. 5x500m Row
– 3 Minute active rest between sets

B. EMOM 8 min
– 1 Deadlift (185/125)
– 1 hang squat clean
– 1 power clean
– 1 squat clean
– 1 jerk

THE OPEN IS UPON US! Keep an eye out today for updates on times and how we will run the Open. We currently have 45 people signed up! Enjoy your experience!

Workout for 2/27

WOD for 2/25

EMOM 10 min
– 2 x 1+1 (155/110)
– 1 squat clean 2 sec. pause at bottom + 1 split jerk 2 sec pause in completed position

AMRAP 6 min: 
– 6 Box Jump (24/20)
– 3 Thruster (135/100)
– 3 Back Squat (135/100)
**Rest 7 Minutes**
AMRAP 6 min: 
– 3 Wall Walks
– 3 Push Press (135/100)
– 6 KB Swing (72/53)

WOD for 2/24

The OPEN starts Thursday! If you haven’t registered check out the link below and join the Omnia Team! We are currently at 38 people, 21st largest team in the region. Let’s see if we can break that 40 barrier.

– 8×3 Front Squat (75% 1RM)

Cindy – Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes of:
– 5 Pull Ups
– 10 Push Ups
– 15 AIr Squats

Weekend of 2/22-23

Saturday 2/22
10-11am – Free Class
11am-1pm – Open Gym

Shacie, Nate, and Hot Sauce are competing at the Abdominal Snowman Challenge Conviction Crossfit all day. Heat times are 9, 11:15, and 1:30. It’s the first comp for Shacie and Nate. If you have time and want to check out Erie they would love the support!

Sunday 2/23
10am-noon – Open Gym

WOD for 2/18

A. Burgener Warmup

B.  In teams of 2 (3 if necessary)
AMRAP 15 min:
– 1 Snatch (115/80)
– 2 Snatch Deadlift (115/80)
– 3 Hang Power Snatch (115/80)
– 4 HSPU
– 5 Box Jump Over (24/20)

**Rest 5 Minutes** 

B)  In teams of 2 (3 if necessary)
AMRAP 15 min: 
– 5 Pullups
– 10 Burpees

For both the AMRAPS, team members will cycle through full rounds, one at a time. Only one member working at any one time. By incorporating rest each round should be done at 100% with minimal breaks.

Congrats to all our girls that competed this last Saturday at the South Denver Women’s WOD Jam. Lot of first time competitors successfully completed the 3 WODs, a bunch of PRs, and some more hardware. Congrats to Jocelyn who took 3rd in the Open Division and Mackenzie who took 2nd in the RX Division. Pics will be up shortly.