Jon Colborn - Coach/Owner

Jon grew up playing multiple sports, settling for rugby in high school and university. After graduating with a degree in Sports Science he started working as a personal trainer in London. After seeing a magazine article about CrossFit he went to one of the 2 gyms in London in 2009 and started working out. In 2010 he decided to get his Lvl 1 and started coaching part time at the gym.

In 2012 he moved to Chicago and started coaching CrossFit full time, helping open a gym downtown. He competed in CrossFit for a few years, making it to regionals for 3 years in a row and helped develop a coaching program for competitive athletes. In 2015 he moved across the street to South Loop CrossFit and continued coaching while working with high level athletes. In 2018, wanting a change of scenery, he moved with his family to Denver, and started out coaching at Omnia.

In 2019 he took over ownership of CrossFit Omnia from Rj and is hoping to continue on the traditions and community that Rj developed over the years.

When he’s not at the gym he spends time with wife and 2 daughters, enjoys hiking and cooking (eating) and has vague goals of reliving the glory days of competitive CrossFit.


BSc Sport Science

CrossFit Lvl 1

CrossFit Lvl 2

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Competitors

OPEX Program Design


Attitude Nation Lvl 1